About YumDrops @yumdroplets

Welcome to YumDrops @yumdroplets your one stop blog for fun, travel, food and collectibles reviews.

What is YumDrops about?

YumDrops is a blog with a variety of product and location reviews. You can find information about snacks from different countries that I’ve tried and places I’ve eaten at. You can also find reviews of places I’ve been to and events I’ve attended. You can read about the cool items I collect or anything fun & new I encounter. The goal is to give you guys, my audience, a site that you want to look at to learn about something new to try, how to find it and how much it will cost. 


Why @yumdroplets?

The original name of the blog is YumDrops but on all other social media accounts, the unique tag name is @yumdroplets. To find me on social media @yumdroplets is the sure way to find me.


About me, the writer!

I’m a lot of things:

  • Introvert:
    • I do tire quickly in social activities and enjoy my own company.
  • Multicultural:
    • I absolutely love different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Bilingual:
    • I’m fluent in both English & Spanish; I know a little Korean, Japanese & French
  • Otaku:
    • I’ve been into anime/manga all my life.
  • Foodie:
    • I don’t just love food, I enjoy eating it, tasting it, taking photos of it, making it, watching it be made and critiquing it. It’s not an obsession I swear (^////^)
  • Kpop Fan:
    • Same as my Otaku background; been a Kpop fan since I was a kid.
  • Aspiring Writer:
    • I’m looking to freelance and publish fiction.

I enjoy doing many things:

  • Foreign Music:
    • There’s a large variety of music out there, why would you limit yourself to one language or genre!
  • Learning new languages:
    • Even if it’s simple phrases like “Hello” “How are you?”, I love learning new languages
  • Did I mention eating?
    • I enjoy eating! Trying new foods is exciting!
  • I draw on occasion:
    • Maybe I’ll post some of my artwork *wink-wink*
  • Collecting?
    • If it’s cute and affordable, I probably tried to collect it at some point!
  • Traveling:
    • There’s so much to see, so much to do, so much to experience & so much to learn; it’s worth it to create a more understanding world
  • Meeting people from around the world:
    • I love listening to people’s experiences.